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Meena Kumar is a founding team member and a brand ambassador of Pebble Naturals, a human-grade pet supplement company with a mission to help senior shelter dogs. The company provides the same formulas as major brand names at affordable prices. “People often hesitate to adopt senior dogs because of the expensive medical costs, and even shelters like Muttville struggle with the high costs of necessary drugs and supplements," said Meena. For every product purchased, Pebble donates one to shelters that give senior dogs a second chance in life. 

Meena has expanded what she has done at Pet Fairy Services into affordable pet healthcare at Pebble Naturals, which has donated 250 bottles, with 100% of the proceeds contributed to Meena's fundraising campaign. “Meena is the soul of our company and a living example of how a business can be a powerful force for good. She inspires us that we can make a change no matter how young or old, or how small or big,” said Dr. Kate Mezan and Nayoung Susie Kim, co-founders of Pebble Naturals. 

“Many of the senior dogs at Muttville remind me of my grandfather who passed away last year. I want to take the best care of senior dogs, the same way I took care of my grandfather. I want to help them feel at home,” said Meena.

To help Meena’s fundraising campaign, use the code "MEENA" on Pebble Naturals and 100% of proceeds will be donated to Muttville. 

Human-grade Everything

Human-grade ingredients.

FDA-registered manufacturing facility. 

Same trusted formulas as brand names.

Wallet-friendly prices.

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